Yarn and the factors that affect the raw material cost of the yarn

- Jul 31, 2017-

The yarn is divided into short fiber yarns, and the short fibers (natural short fibers or synthetic fiber segments) are processed by spinning, the split yarns, the free ends yarns, and the twist yarns. 

Continuous filaments, such as natural silk and chemical fiber filament, add or not twist, smooth filament or deformation filament.  

Short fiber and continuous filament combination yarn, such as polyester-cotton filament yarn and so on. Line by two or more shares of the single yarn and twisted together.

Factors that affect the cost of raw materials for yarn

1. Purchase price. More inquiry, find cheap.

2. Raw material quality. Strengthen the detection, irregular and agreed to timely negotiations to restore the loss.

Transportation costs. Find the distance from the seller, the use of low freight mode of transport.

4. Storage costs. Reasonable reserves, safekeeping.

5. Reasonable ingredients. In the premise of ensuring the quality of the lowest cost of raw materials.

6. Improve the manufacturing rate. Reduce consumption, the lower corner full use.