Home Textile Knowledge: Choose the four criteria for bath towels

- Jul 31, 2017-

After the bath, with a large bath towel will be wrapped up with their own baby is how comfortable. do you know? Choose towels, but also learn it

Thick and light: thick bath towel absorbent, wrapped from the body is also very warm. But if too much will be in the cleaning time to worry about. Not easy to rub, not easy to dry. So to choose thick and light large bath towel.

Plain and elegant: plain bath towel in the processing of the general did not use dyes. If there are printing and dyeing process, but also those who choose to use environmentally friendly, without any additives woven dye towels. Plain towels can also be used to cut cashmere, twist, jacquard and other technology weaving a beautiful pattern, and no lack of elegance.

Really fine: good bath towel strong but should not be rough. Look at the bath towel side of the workmanship and whether the trademark has done a combination of hidden processing, you can determine the fancy of this bath towel enough "delicate".

Soft and dense: buy to see the material on the label. Good bath towel used in the raw materials are generally excellent combed velvet cotton or long cotton. Although the cost is high, but this woven into the towel texture dense, soft feel. Because bath towels often need high temperature sterilization, washing, so to choose those with heat-resistant plant fiber as raw materials bath towel.