Internal Yarn Exhibition Area Of Shanghai Yarnexpo

- Mar 16, 2018-

At 3.15, we went to Shanghai to take part in the Shanghai Yarnexpo.

Creative fancy yarn area: as a highlight area, the creative fancy yarn area will gather near 50 well-known enterprises, fully showing the colorful appearance and creative connotation of fancy yarn, and bring a strong visual impact to the audience.

Colorful chemical fiber area: "Chinese chemical fiber trends 2018/2019 area" and "ecological function zones", "fashion and Technology Exhibition", "green and environmental protection exhibition", these four themed areas show excellent, good, new and special chemical products to the audience face to face.

Natural cotton yarn area: there are high quality pure cotton yarn, new spinning yarn and the differential yarn and so on. The Xinjiang Pavilion will show the Xinjiang cotton as raw materials of high quality yarn, Fujian Changle Pavilion will launch high count yarn and differentiated yarn, Henan Pavilion and Jiangxi Pavilion will be launch cotton yarn and blended yarn.