Silver fiber composite yarn

- Jul 31, 2017-

Silver, is the natural form of a natural element, it is for the textile industry is a new type of high-performance products. The company developed the silver fiber series yarn to the European patent technology will make full use of the inherent functions and characteristics of silver fiber itself, the latest technology in the industry, while customer demand-oriented, functional and functional fashion for fashion textile and clothing Industry offers the latest and best silver fiber series yarn.

Silver fiber composite yarn use: for clothing and health care socks silver fiber can both anti-bacterial deodorant and can regulate body temperature, but also moisture perspiration, promote the human circulation, so if the silver fiber and cotton, wool, hemp, cashmere, Modal and other blends, will be very suitable for underwear, pajamas, sportswear, T-shirts and so on. In addition, the silver fiber is also very suitable for health socks, foot movement friction will produce a lot of static electricity, when these static current through the highly conductive silver fiber, the silver fiber will be converted into a magnetic field, the role of the magnetic field can enhance the human blood circulation Sleep, lift the special effects of fatigue. Magnetic force will be driven by the role of gravity and focus on the foot of the blood, so wearing silver fiber socks can prevent foot swelling, relieve fatigue.