Fancy yarn and classification

- Jul 31, 2017-

Fancy yarn mainly for the appearance of the yarn or color changes. Mainly wrapped, core, bamboo, belly, color point, wave, braids, towels, circle, knot, feathers, toothbrushes, centipedes, belts, dyed, chenille and so on.

With its different processing methods can be divided into the following categories: First, the ordinary spinning system processing fancy lines such as chain lines, gold and silver lines, clip silk, etc .; Second, the dyeing method of processing color yarn, such as mixed line , Printing line, rainbow line, etc .; Third, fancy twisting machine processing fancy line, which according to the core line and decorative line feeding speed of the different and changes, but also divided into super-feed type such as helix, , The circle line and control type such as belly line, knot line, etc .; four is a special fancy line such as chenille line, core line, pull wool, flocking line, etc. Fancy yarn with flowers for the decoration Appearance of its variety, there are a variety of production methods.