The character and function of fancy yarn

- Jul 31, 2017-

Fancy yarns are different in structure from ordinary yarns due to their different processing methods. The basic structure of the fancy yarn is composed of three parts: core yarn, yarn and yarn (see right).

Core yarn - located in the center of the yarn, is the main part of the strength of the yarn;

Decorative yarn - the fancy effect of the formation of fancy yarn, from the decorative effect;

Solid yarn - for the formation of fixed yarn decorated pattern.

Therefore, the fancy line in the strong, wear-resistant aspects of ordinary yarn as strong, easy pilling and hook wire, but the appearance of performance is better than ordinary yarn,

Can be produced by a variety of flowers, with a variety of colors and get new and unique appearance of the effect. With fancy yarn can be processed clothing materials, such as weaving all kinds of yarn-dyed line it, tweed, but also processing and decoration materials, such as a variety of hand-made wool, window grille basic structure. Curtain furniture and other decorative fabrics, fabric on the prominent flower, three-dimensional sense of strong, unique style.