China International Exhibition Of Textile 2

- Mar 30, 2018-

After years of development, Chinese International Exhibition of textile yarn played the role of the exhibition; it also held many technical seminars, and combined with the Chinese fiber trends released and other activities. It will promote China's cutting-edge products and technology, which makes the textile industry to enhance the overall value of the industry chain from the source. Over the years, through the "multi development linkage" with the upstream and downstream exhibitions of the industrial chain, exhibitors have been more targeted, and it played the role of industry windows, ties and platforms. Nowadays, excellent enterprises have become the main body of innovation. Exhibitors are more and more aware of using exhibitions to introduce themselves effectively. Meanwhile, overseas enterprises have gradually realized the great potential of Chinese market. More and more overseas enterprises focus their sales on the Chinese market, which means that yarn exhibition has become one of the important exhibitions in the global yarn industry.