Yarn Dyeing Methods 2

- Mar 30, 2018-

Today, I will introduce you anoyher two yarn dyeing methods.

Three: beam dip

According to the requirements of the color and the number of warp yarn, winding the yarn on the machine, then put it onto the dyeing machine, and placed it into the beam dyeing machine. By the action of the pump, dye liquid will permeate the warp yarns or fibers through the circulation.

Five: yarn dyeing (ball warp dyeing)

This is a special staining method for denim warp. Firstly, make 400~500 yarns into a ball, and then put several balls of yarn (such as 12 beam and 18 beam and 24 beam, 36 beam) into many dye vats to repeated dipping, rolling, and repeatedly ventilate oxidation.