Worsted yarn

- Jul 31, 2017-

Coarse yarn, also known as carded yarn or carded cotton yarn, refers to the general spinning system to sort out, not through the combing process spinning yarn. Coarse spinning in the short fiber content is more fiber parallel straight stretch, loose structure, hairy, yarn count lower, poor quality. This yarn is used for general fabrics and knitwear raw materials, such as woolen fabric, cotton and other fabrics in the special.

Worsted wool is mainly used to do the suit trousers fabric, with the yarn more high-grade, relatively fine (yarn is relatively high), need to be combed, and this is the important difference between woolen yarn. And woolen there is no such process, the relative yarn is also thick, mainly used to make coat fabric, such as the most typical Mark Erden it, short and so on.