The Maintenance of Mohair Clothing

- Nov 04, 2017-

Mohair has long and soft hair, so some consumers do not know how to wash and maintenance. They are afraid of hair loss and harden. In fact, mohair fabric can be both dry cleaning, and washing. When dry cleaning, we can use light oil or dry cleaning agent, with the method of local spray brush. By this way, we can both clean the contaminated place and also maintain the appearance and outline of the fabric. When washing mohair fabric with high polar detergent, we should add warm water, and soak, and then gently pinch wash. After cleaning, we should use silky softener for soft processing. Mohair clothing should not be washed in washing machine, when must be used, Mohair clothing should be put in the washing clothing bag and slowly rinse files. It should be noted that Mohair fabric cannot be ironed. When you do not wear it, hang the clothes in the wardrobe, avoid stress.