Requirements for color fixing agents

- Nov 30, 2018-

Most textile additives manufacturers are competing to develop environmentally friendly aldehyde-free fixatives with high fixation fastness. At present, the expected fixatives should meet the following requirements:

1. After finishing with fixing agent, fabrics should have good color fastness to friction, sweat, soaping, sunlight and other fastnesses, and should be able to improve the fixing rate of dyes on fibers.

2. Because of the wide applicability of dyes, the fixing effect of fixing agents can not be deviated greatly by the change of dye structure.

3, fixing agents should have better stability during placement, and gel will not occur during placement.

4. Dyed fabrics treated with fixing agents should still retain the style of the original dyed fabrics, such as handle, color and light.

5. Fixing agent has good directness, simple use conditions and process.

6. Fixing agent is non-toxic and formaldehyde-free in the process of use. It will not release toxic or irritating gases in the course of taking, which will endanger human health.

7. The change of temperature is stable, and the change of outside temperature has no effect on it.

8. Fixing agents should not damage fibers and dyes, change the original color and handle of dyed fabrics, and do not damage the strength of fabrics.

9. It has no effect on the ecological environment and good biodegradability.

10. The production cost of fixing agent should be low, the source of monomer raw material is wide, and the finished product is in good condition.

11. Fixing agent has a wide range of applications and is not subject to process restrictions. It can meet the needs of various companies.

12. It has good water solubility, moderate molecular weight and good fixing effect.

13. Good chlorine fastness.