Maintenance and Cleaning of Blankets

- Oct 26, 2017-

Today, I will tell you something about the maintenance and cleaning of blankets.

Maintenance of blankets

1, When maintaining blankets we should pay attention to strictly prohibit moisture, in order to avoid mildew; strictly prohibit insolation, in order to prevent deterioration of luster and feel rough and use insect proofing agent to prevent moth eaten.

2, Use something heavy to press on it to avoid cease.

Cleaning of blankets

1, When using good quality special detergent and neutral low alkali detergent, water temperature should be about 35 degrees.

2, Blanket cannot be washed by machine, and we can add a quilt cover outside the blanket to reduce the number of washing.

3, Blanket in use should often be dried in the sun and gently pat, so that the sweat, dust and dander on the blanket were removed. We should keep the blanket clean and dry, to prevent moth eaten mildew.

4, Blanket also need to dried in the sun before being put in the cabinet. We should put a few pieces of camphor pills wrapped by paper in the folded blanket, and then wrap the blanket in plastic bags, and finally stored in a dry cabinet.

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