- Oct 13, 2017-

A hat can cover the top of the head. It is mainly for the protection of the head, some hats have prominent edge, which can cover the sun. Hat has the function of sunshade, decoration, keeping warm and protection and so on. Therefore, there are many kinds of hats for people to choose. Hats can also be used for decoration. First, choose the right hat according to the face. Secondly, choose the right hat according to your figure. Like wearing clothes, you should try to avoid weaknesses when choosing hats. The form and color of the hat must be matched with the dress. Hats can also be used to protect hair style, cover baldness, or be part of a uniform or religious costume. Our fancy yarns can be used to knit hats to keep warm in the cold winter, like feather yarns, chenille yarns, roving yarns and napping yarns and so on. 

fancy yarn.jpg