- Oct 20, 2017-

Gloves are usually used for hand warming, hand protection and also decoration. The glove is made of leather, knitted fabric or woven fabric. Knitting gloves are made of pure or blended yarn of various textile fibers. Gloves are woven by the glove machine through the sewing process, such as seaming linings, rib cuff and fingertips, then napping or fulling milling and heat setting. The organizations of knitted gloves are rib, tuck and gauze. The decorative pattern has shads and jacquard weave by dyed yarns and so on. Gloves for labor protection should be relatively thick; some have surface coated processing, in order to improve the wear resistance, skid resistance and waterproof performance. Decorative gloves require beautiful, most of them made through embroidery, nail beads and other art processing.