Fancy Yarn

- Dec 22, 2017-

The fancy yarn has the decorative appearance for decoration. There are many varieties and many kinds of production methods. The structure of the fancy yarn consists of the core yarn, the ornament yarn and the solid yarn. The core yarn is the main yarn that keeps it strong, and the ornament yarn is formed by twisting and wrapping on the core yarn. The solid yarn is wrapped around the outer side of the ornament yarns, but there is also no need for fixing the yarn. The following description of the name and composition of some common fancy yarn (line) is introduced.


1. The knot yarn is twisted for many times in the same place.


2. The loop yarn is enclosed by a closed loop, which is wrapped around the yarn.


3. The chenille yarn is sandwiched between transverse yarns. The head end of its ornament yarn releases plush.