Classification of Yarn 3

- Jul 27, 2018-

(3) According to the composition of yarn

Pure spun yarn: yarns made of one fiber are called pure spun yarns. This yarn can be named as pure polyester yarn, pure cotton yarn, etc.

Blended yarn: yarn blended with two or more fibers. The nomenclature of the blended yarn is according to the proportion of the raw material. If the proportion is not the same, the larger one will be in front. When the proportion is the same, it is arranged in order of natural fiber, synthetic fiber and regenerated fiber. When writing, write the proportion of raw materials together with the type of fiber, and separate the raw material from proportion with semicolon "/"; such as polyester / Cotton (65 / 35) yarn, wool / acrylic (50 / 50) yarn, polyester / viscose (50 / 50) yarn and so on.

Twisted yarn: This yarn is made of two or more single yarns of different fibers or colors.

Blended Filament yarns: yarns made of two kinds of filament blended to improve some aspects in performance.