Classification of Yarn (4)

- Aug 03, 2018-

(4) according to dyeing

Primary dyed yarn: yarn that has not been dyed and processed to maintain its original color.

Bleached yarn: yarn that been bleached and has white color. It usually refers to the cotton yarn and the linen yarn.

Dyed yarn: yarn been dyed and has various colors.

Color spinning: yarn made from colored fibers.

Jenappe yarn: after being singeing, the yarn has smooth surface.

Mercerized yarn; mercerized yarn can be divided into mercerized cotton yarn and mercerized wool yarn. Mercerized cotton yarn is the yarn in a certain concentration of alkaline solution to make yarn has a general luster and high strength; mercerized wool yarn is to remove the scales of the yarn in the yarn, make the yarn soft, and reduce the irritation to the skin.