Characteristics of Alpaca Hair

- Jun 01, 2018-

The characteristics of alpaca hair: 1, rich in color and no need to dye. At present, foreign professional scholars classify alpaca hair into 22 natural colors. 2, the alpaca hair is soft and thin, smooth and delicate. The special hollow structure of alpaca makes it more light and flexible. The use of long press is also not easy to deform, but still soft and smooth. 3, it keeps warm and damp. The alpaca hair has excellent thermal insulation performance, and its insulation performance can not only isolate the cold air, but also transmit heat energy to the outside. 4, it is clean and sanitary. Alpaca hair itself does not contain grease, so it is not easy to dust, no odor, easy to handle. Alpaca hair is not easy to fall off, and this will not lead to allergies, so it is suitable for all kinds of people.