Abrasion performance

- Apr 24, 2019-

The abrasion performance of yarn is closely related to its structure.

Traditional ring spinning yarns are mostly spiral fibers. When repeated friction occurs, the spiral fibers gradually become axial fibers. The yarns are easy to twist and break down quickly, so the wear resistance is poor.

Non-traditional spinning has obvious advantages in wear resistance. Rotor yarn, jet yarn and eddy current yarn are composed of core and outer fibers. The yarn surface is wrapped with irregular winding fibers. The yarn is not easy to disintegrate. At the same time, the yarn surface friction coefficient is large. The yarn and yarn in the fabric have good cohesion and are not easy to slip, so the wear resistance is improved.

Compared with ring spinning yarn, compact spinning yarn has neat and straight fiber arrangement, compact yarn structure, and it is not easy for the fibers to disperse, so the yarn has good abrasion performance.