Jiangsu Aoda Textile Co.,Ltd

Who we are Jiangsu Aoda Textile Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangyin, Jiangsu province, China. Our company is specializing in the production of a variety of yarns like Chenille Yarn, Mohair Yarn, TT Yarn and Feather Yarn and so on. We can customize and produce varied types of yarns according to customers’ needs. (Our Tian Lihe International Trade Co. Ltd. in Zhangjiagang Bonded Zone has rights to import and export.) Learn more about US

Hot Products

    • Soft Colorful Fancy Polyester Toothbrush Yarn for Knitwear

      Soft Colorful Fancy Polyester Toothbrush Yarn for Knitwear

      This kind of yarn shaps like toothbrush, so we usually call it Toothbrush Yarn. This yarn has excellent heat-resistance, alkali-resistance and hygroscopicity, which allow it to be a good choice of knitting. The fabric of Toothbrush Yarn, like sweaters, scarves and hats and so on can give you a warm winter. We produce all kinds of high quality fancy yarns. If you want to design a new kind of yarn, please let us know. We will try our best to show you the end product of exhaustive research and development.

    • Soft Fancy Chenille Yarn for Knitting

      Soft Fancy Chenille Yarn for Knitting

      Chenille Yarn is a new type of fancy yarn, which takes two plied yarns as the core wire. Usually, Chenille Yarn can be made from polyester, cotton, acrylic, viscose. Chenille Yarn gives the fabric a thick and solid feel, the fabric of it has the advantages of high-end luxury, softness, warmness, good drape and good hygroscopicity and so on.